26th ICOLD World Congress & 86th ICOLD Annual Meeting & ATCOLD Symposium Hydro Engineering in Vienna

Autor: Patricia Pfister , 12.04.2018

From 1st July to 7th July the Austrian National Committee on Large Dams invites to the 26th ICOLD World Congress in combination with the 86th ICOLD Annual Meeting and the ATCOLD Hydro Engineering Symposium.


1 – 3 July 2018: 86th ICOLD Annual Meeting

In the course of 86th ICOLD Annual Meeting all Technical Committees have the opportunity for detailed discussions. On 1st of July the entire day is available to meet and prepare technical bulletins on the state of the art on dam engineering. The technical committees to meet are:


A               Computational Aspects of Analysis and Design of Dams (2017-20)

B                Seismic Aspects of Dam Design (2017-20)

C                Hydraulics for Dams (2016-19)

D               Concrete Dams (2012-18)

E                Embankment Dams (2017-20)

F                Engineering Activities with the Planning Process for Water Resources Projects (2014-17)

G               Environment (2017-20)

H               Dam Safety (2015-18)

I                 Public Safety around Dams (2016-19)

J                 Sedimentation of Reservoirs (2013-18)

K                Integrated Operation of Hydropower Stations and Reservoirs (2015-19)

L                Tailings Dams & Waster Lagoons (2014-18)

LE              Levees

M              Operation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Dams (2017-20)

N               Public Awareness and Education (2015-18)

O               World Register of Dams and Documentation (2017-20)

P                Cemented Material Dams (2017-20)

Q               Dam Surveillance (2017-21)

RE             Resettlement due to Reservoirs

S                Flood Evaluation and Dam Safety (2015-18)

T                Prospective and New Challenges for Dams and Reservoirs in the 21st Century (2017-20)

U               Dams and River Basin Management (2015-18)

V                Hydromechanical Equipment (2016-19)

W              Selection of Dam Type (2015-2018) (Ad Hoc Committee)

Y                Climate Change (2014-18)

Z                Capacity Building and Dams (2017-21) (Ad Hoc Committee)


On 2nd of July Technical Committee Workshops will allow to gain an overview and insight about Working Group achievements. New Committees meet at the beginning of their terms of reference to refine these and the working program. Technical Committees approaching the end of their terms meet to discuss the draft bulletin with a wider audience in order to enhance the knowledge transfer.


2 – 3 July 2018: ATCOLD Hydro Engineering Symposium

The ATCOLD Hydro Engineering Symposium will pave the way for presentations and discussions on specific issues of hydraulic structures serving for energy from renewable resources, irrigation, drinking water supply and flood protection. Hydro Engineering requires a wide range of knowledge and expertise. Therefore, many specific disciplines are involved. Research effort is needed to give answers effectively to challenges during project realization, operation and maintenance. Problem solutions should be sustainable and economically feasible in a wide range and will allow to discuss the following five topics:


T1 - Climate Changes Reservoir Operation

Catchment, permafrost, glacier melting, erosion and sedimentation

T2 - Permission and Safety Assessment

Construction and operation of hydraulic structures, inspection & assessment of operating devices

T3 - Dam and Foundation Sealing

Long term behaviour and assessment of uplift distribution

T4 - Caverns and Power Water Ways

Design, construction and monitoring, power water way and lining with high strength steel

T5 - Stability of Reservoir Slopes

Reservoir operation, avalanches, impulse waves, dam breach


2 – 5 July 2018: Exhibition

With the opening ceremony on 2nd of July the Exhibition starts together with the Symposium. Besides companies like Mapei, Carpi, Pöyry and DTK, many other exhibitors will be on site and complete the informative topics discussed in the symposium and the congress.

4 – 6 July 2018: 26th ICOLD World Congress

The ICOLD World Congress provides the unique opportunity to present and discuss Dam Engineering questions in a worldwide perspective. For 26th World Congress in Austria these questions are about:


Q100 – Reservoir Sedimentation and Sustainable Development

Best practice of storage design, sediment replenishment downstream, turbidity current and sediment bypass tunnels as well as climate change effects are discussed.

Q101 – Safety and Risk Analysis

Risk based on natural hazards, e.g. earthquake, floods, for fill and concrete dams, and legal as well as organizational aspects are put forward.

Q102 – Geology and Dams

Geology as decision for dam type selection, foundation treatment and sealing, instrumentation and monitoring for long term behaviour for abutment and reservoir are covered.

Q103 – Small Dams and Levees

Design, construction, safety assessment and rehabilitation of a tremendous number of small dams worldwide requires engineering attention.

Each question starts with an introduction by the General Reporter summarizing, highlighting and concluding on contributions. Each general report is accompanied by four sessions of two hours on subtopics and related further aspects. Enough time is allocated for discussions and exchange of knowledge and experience.

7 July 2018: Study Tours

For the participants five different study tours through Austria are provided. Visits of interesting hydropower plants are included in each tour.





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