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china's leading role in small hydro development

China continues to dominate the small hydropower landscape. 51 percent of the world’s total installed capacity (definition of below 10 MW) is located in China.

It has more than 3 times the SHP installed capacity of Italy, Japan, Norway and the United States combined. Largely due to the dominance of China in SHP, Asia has the highest share of installed SHP capacity, with 51,919 MW, constituting approx. 65 percent of the total share. Oceania, on the other hand, has the lowest share, with less than one percent of the total global installed SHP capacity. The Latin America and Africa have the fourth and fifth-highest installed capacity and potential of all five regions. SHP in Africa can be characterized as having a relatively low level of installed capacity but with considerable potential for development. Together, the top five countries – China, Italy, Japan, Norway and the USA account for 67 percent of the world’s total installed capacity. The globally installed SHP capacity is estimated at 80 GW in 2017, with an average growth rate of 3 percent from 2013. In the coming years, the market will reach 90 GW in 2023 with CAGR about 2.12 percent. [source: Orbis Research]

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