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On the one hand to prevent erosion and on the other to generate energy: This was the thinking behind “The Wave Energy Converter (WEC)” project in Japan.

The project was initiated at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST). Like a number of other countries, Japan can cite what are known as tetrapods, which are structures located along the coasts or off coral reefs that represent an effective measure in combating erosion caused by the constant impact of the waves. To ensure that the energy of the waves can also be utilised, the researchers from the OIST are now combining the tetrapods with modern turbines. The Japanese researchers are convinced that this will enable not only effective protection of the coastline but also a high energy yield. They reckon that around 10 GW of power could be obtained from using this combined technology along 1 per cent of the Japanese coastline.

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