“4th Annual Advanced Hydropower.."

Autor: BIS GROUP s.r.o. , Sandra Wolf , 29.10.2015

This exclusive BIS forum will showcase analytical insights into how industry leaders are optimizing their performance by understanding the latest developments in plant ptimizationsuccessfully upgrading,

using right strategies to hit targets and being fully aware of the latest regulations issues.  Rising electricity prices and the increasing pressure to hit the EU's renewable targets by 2020 has made hydropower a very attractive source of energy production. However difficulties in obtaining a license for hydropower projects, uncertainty surrounding the legislative framework, significant initial investment and a long-payback period means hydropower has not been utilized to its full potential.

 Why You Should Attend:

  • Identify innovative ways to increase reliability & maintenance of equipment.
  • Understand the implications of climate change on the planning, construction and O&M of hydropower plants.
  • Gain insight into innovations in design, risk analysis and project management tools which are being introduced to hydro.
  • Boost your knowledge about few funding and incentive options that are viable for hydro.
  • Gain insight into the recently development in European water framework directive and its consequence for hydropower.
  • Assessing some technical solutions/components which can increase the flexibility of PSPs.

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