ADEV awakes power plants from slumber

Autor: Roland Gruber , 16.05.2014

With the aim of expanding and preserving existing hydro power sites, the Swiss company ADEV Wasserkraftwerk AG acquired three mothballed power plants in the French Vosges mountains back in 2009.

Leymel, Couvent and Hammer are the names of the three plants in Munster into which the experienced hydro power operator has breathed new life in recent years. While the two plants listed first were comprehensively restored and renovated, the retrofitting programme for Hammer power plant envisaged the installation of a new, modern machine unit. The Kaplan S turbine which is used comes from the Upper Austrian hydro power specialist GHE. It is designed for 538 kW. In combination, the reactivated trio of power plants in the French Vosges mountains today once again generates around 6 million kWh. This is enough to cover the average power consumption of around 1,500 households. A delightfully successful project for ADEV.

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