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AUMA Assistant App for smart actuator setup and diagnostics

Electric actuator manufacturer AUMA has released version 3.0 of the AUMA Assistant App.The app allows fast and easy configuration and diagnostics of AUMA actuators from a smartphone or tablet.

All the actuator’s operating parameters can be set via the app, saving considerable time and cost during commissioning.

The app uses Bluetooth wireless communication to transfer data to and from the actuator. Parameter settings can also be prepared offline and transmitted to the actuator on site at a later point in time. Copying parameters from one actuator to another is also possible. A snapshot function facilitates maintenance and troubleshooting: All diagnostic and operational data stored in the actuator can be read out as snapshot files. These files can then be uploaded into the AUMA Cloud for detailed analysis and diagnostics. Snapshot data include, for example, run times, number of starts, and torque characteristics.

AUMA Assistant App is available free of charge
Operators can send settings and diagnostic data directly from the app via e-mail to AUMA’s Service department, thus shortening the time for troubleshooting and remedial action. The AUMA Assistant App also allows the operator to download device-specific documentation such as operation instructions and technical datasheets to the smartphone or tablet simply by scanning a QR code on the actuator. The AUMA Assistant App is available for free download in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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