Autor: Alexander Sackel , 15.05.2014

On March 7th, Voith and national Icelandic energy provider Landsvirkjun celebrated the official start-up of the new Budarhals power station. The current design was developed based on the original plans.

The German provider was contracted to supply the two modern, ecologically friendly Kaplan turbines with water-filled rotor hubs, and the specially designed brushless generators with latest-generation thyristor-controlled exciter system. In addition to the main components of the electromechanical equipment, Voith also provided the crane system for the power house, and the power station’s control systems. “In April 2010, Landsvirkjun signed an agreement with Voith on the delivery of all machines and electrical components for the Budarhals power plant,” says Gudlaugur Thorarinsson, Project Manager at Landsvirkjun, who is responsible for the Budarhals project. „The

Voith engineers have fulfilled their workload within a tight schedule, despite the unfavourable winter weather,” he says, adding that “Landsvirkjun is highly satisfied with the work Voith has provided.” The new power station delivers 95 megawatts and has an annual capacity of 585 GWh. Budarhals was the first large-scale infrastructure project to be implemented in Iceland after the economic and financial crisis in 2008, which had hit the country severely. Attractive financing conditions offered by Voith Financial Services made financing the project much easier for Landsvirkjun. With this project, Voith continues its long-standing presence in the Icelandic market. As early as 1912

 Voith had distinguished itself with the first complete installation of a turbine at the Fjardarsel power station. The facility has a capacity of 550 kilowatts. Equipped with a horizontal Francis turbine, it is the oldest power plant still in operation in Iceland.