Autor: Andreas Pointinger , 09.12.2019

Erstfeldertal power plant in the canton of Uri has made a decisive step forward. The construction works for the power plant are set to commence in June 2019,...

... and the winter turbine is scheduled to be commissioned in December 2020. “We are investing 36 million Swiss francs in the Erstfeldertal power plant,” explained Board President Werner Jauch. “When in operation, it will supply electricity for around 7,200 households. The energy strategy of the canton of Uri is this year celebrating its 10th anniversary. The expansion of hydropower is a central thrust of this policy. Erstfeldertal power plant together with the other new Bristen, Gurtnellen, Schächen and Palanggenbach power plants support this strategy and also the energy strategy of the federal government. ” 

2018 KW Erstfeldertal Visualisierung 90 x 60 mm web2


With an installed power output of 11.5 MW in a normal year, the Erstfeldertal power plant will generate around 32 GWh of clean electricity.

photo credit /Animation: EWA