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eur 26m project for hydropower plant pradella

Based on comprehensive research, EKW has decided to carry out extensive electromechanical refurbishment work on hydropower station Pradella in the Swiss canton of Grisons.

In particular, the four machine combinations are to be refurbished. The project comprises the rehabilitation of the generator and turbines, and the replacement of the turbine rotor. Together with these, the existing generator transformers will be removed and replaced with up-to-date models. Thanks to these rehabilitation measures, EKW will be able to ensure the reliability of the Pradella facility for years to come. A particularly beneficial result is the one to two percent increase in overall output that the refurbishment is expected to achieve. It will allow an additional 3,000 households to be supplied with renewable hydropower from the Engadin region. EKW’s is investing SFR 26 million in this project.

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