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expert guide for hydraulic steel structures

For many plant designers and contractors, the specialist book “Actuator technology for hydraulic steel structures” has established itself as a standard reference for the automation of weirs, dams and sluices.

Originally written in German and published by Vulkan Verlag in 2012, the 300-page book is now also available in English as a free PDF version. The author Claus Zander, now retired, was formerly a sales engineer at electric actuator manufacturer AUMA and is an expert on hydraulic steel structures. In the book he gives a comprehensive overview of the various automation solutions. The book supplies sound basics for the selection and sizing of actuators and gearboxes. It also offers valuable support for writing engineering specifications for tenders. PDF versions of the book are now available in German and English for free download on the AUMA web- site www.auma.com under Solutions > Market segments > Water.

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