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Swiss company ADAMS Schweiz AG, the successor company of former AMSAG, has been producing valves for a vast range of applications since 1979.

The renowned family business is part of the Adams group, which employs 400 people and has production sites in Switzerland, Germany and the USA. ADAMS Schweiz AG is based in the scenic region of Serneus, in the canton of Grisons. In addition to the production of industrial valves, the company now specializes in the development and production of shut-off valves for hydropower plants.

Trequirehanks to the rapidly progressing technical development of the past 100 years it is now possible to generate an enormous amount of energy through hydropower. To fully exploit this potential, reliable hydropower plants are needed. The  hydropower competence center of ADAMS Schweiz AG has been offering a range of specially developed shut-off valves for more than 30 years. Depending on the design of the plant, the company develops individual complete solutions (e.g.: inlet pipes, valves, pipe spools, discharge pipes, by-passes) for both new installations and modifications of existing units, ideally tailored to the clients' needs. These units are manufactured in Switzerland or at Adams Armaturen in Herne, Germany.

ADAMS's hydropower program comprises various fields of operation: pipe burst protection, turbine protection and environmentally friendly discharge of water. The entire product
line-up guarantees absolutely reliable protection and water-proof closure in any challenging situation.

The common penstock protection butterfly valve is installed in front of the penstock at the bottom of the dam. It is used to shut off the water flow in case the downstream penstock
is destroyed or damaged by material fatigue, uncontrolled movement of earth or sabotage. This safeguards the reservoir against draining off entirely and helps prevent further
damage. The safety valves are mainly made from welded steel, feature stream-favorable valve discs and come as single or double valves. The valves are equipped with hydraulically
regulated servomotors for the opening mechanism and a lever with a counterweight for the forced closure mechanism.

The safety valves are mainly made from welded steel, feature stream-favorable valve discs and come as single or double valves. They are delivered with hydraulically regulated servomotors for the opening mechanism and a lever with a counterweight for the forced closure mechanism. For any special require ments ADAMS offers a variety of actuation mechanisms. The valves are delivered with all necessary components required for a smooth operation.

Spherical Valves are specially crafted shut-off valves for high pressure situations. They are installed at the end of the penstock, in front of the turbine and are mainly used to close off
the penstock at normal shutdowns or at turbine load rejections. Their casings are either cast or made from welded steel, the rotor is usually forged. The shafts are either forged or bolted and are stored in permanently lubricated sockets. Usually the metallic sealing rings are placed on the downstream side of the casing and are driven by water pressure or bio-degradable hydraulic oil, i.e. they are pressed against the rotor after the closing  movement. An advantage of sealing rings positioned on the upstream side of the casing is that they make a replacement of the bearing seal on the spherical valve possible, since this seal is used as a closure system and the penstock does not need to be discharged.

Cone jet valves are used for the energy dissipation of dams. The valves are operating on a cavitation free basis through a comprehensive control system. In addition to enriching the water with oxygen, they dissipate the energy of enormous flow and pressure rates. Cone jet valves are mainly made from welded steel and operate hydraulically or electromechanically.

Depending on the requirements of the plant ADAMS offers a range of adequate accessories and additional components:

- Needle valves: Needle valves are installed in
bypass lines with higher current velocity and
pressure. They operate manually, hydraulically
or electrically. - Up- and downstream pipe spools: ADAMS
delivers up- and downstream pipe spools with
all necessary manholes, discharge nozzles, air
discharge nozzles and connecting branches.

- Integrated dismantling flanges: ADAMS
provides integrated mounting and dismantling
flanges attached either directly to the
valve or to the spherical valve or integrated in
the up- or downstream spools. These flanges
are available as movable or fixed joints, both
locked for longitudinal forces.

- Air inlet and air discharge valves: For the
air inlet of penstocks, etc. as ball valves or plate
valves. These valves are designed and built
according to the requirements of each project.

- Overspeed detectors: As stainless mechanical
trigger devices for penstock protection
butterfly valves.

- Hydraulic power and control units:
ADAMS Schweiz AG provides hydraulic
power and control units for operating the
plant components

In the planning, production, installation and commissioning of valves, ADAMS is a competent partner for units of smaller nominal diameters and pressure ranges as well as for units with an installation weight of 300 tons. The company's experienced service technicians are always ready to assist its clients during
upcoming service or maintenance works. An additional service offered by the Swiss valves specialist is the inspection and modification of shut-off valves and their control units. During these works the units are dismantled and brought to the manufacturing plant or, if transportation is not possible, are inspected on site. The components are cleaned and checked (crack detection, ultrasonic testing according to corresponding standards) and, if necessary, replaced or modified.

ADAMS' international clientele includes the most renowned energy suppliers and power plant operators in Europe. The company has been very successful in the past, but also has a
lot of successful years ahead. The key to the consistent success of the Swiss family business from the canton of Grisons was and still is quality, ideal service and high standards for the rendition of services.

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