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In December 2018, the new small hydroelectric power station Aragvi 2 commenced operation not far from the Gudauri ski region of northern Georgia in the Caucasus.

A new power station was built within two construction seasons, at an altitude of more than 1,800 metres. Equipped with state-of-the-art hydroelectric technology, it generates around 12 to 14 GWh of clean electricity per year. The new high-mountain power station is the upper-level power station for the Aragvi 1 station, which was commissioned in 2014 with electrical equipment from Kössler, a subsidiary of the Voith technology group. Four years later, the Lower Austrian turbine specialist again supplied the mechanical heart of the new power station: a Francis spiral turbine, which was specially designed and manufactured for the difficult operating conditions at the site. The turbine installation achieves a nominal output of 1,950 kW at a discharge flow rate of 2 m3/s. When combined with Aragvi 1, the entire cascade exceeds 60 GWh, enough to supply more than 60,000 Georgian households.

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