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hydro-powerful norway boosted by amiblu grp

Two remarkable hydropower projects are being realized in the Norwegian region of Fjærland with penstocks made of Flowtite GRP pipes by Amiblu: For Project 1, Skeidsflåten kraftverk in Sogndal municipality ...

... (output 5 MW, production 19.5 GWh/year), 2500 m GRP pressure pipes DN 1800 and DN 1600 were supplied. The Francis turbines will utilize a height of 83 meters and will have a nominal performance of 1,750 kVA and 3,500 kVA, respectively. The power plant will be commissioned in winter 2020. Project 2, Tverrdalselvi kraftverk (output 5.7 MW, production 18 GWh/year) will feature an 1150 m Flowtite penstock DN 1100. The 6-nozzle Pelton turbine will utilize a 225 meter drop height and will have a rated output of 6,711 kVA. The annual electricity production will be approximately 18 GWh. The power plant will be commissioned in autumn 2019. Both projects are implemented by Jostein Sunde AS.

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