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Hydropower makes norway europe's Largest electricity exporter

In 2020 Norway became Europe’s largest exporter of electricity. The unusually wet wea­ther in the second half of the year heralded magnificently productive conditions

for Norway’s hydropower industry. Around one fifth of the electricity they generated was exported. The energy industry consultants at Enappsys Ltd. explained to Bloomberg that in the second half of the year Norway’s hydroelectric power producers had to raise the flow vol­umes to prevent a number of dams breaking under the pressure caused by the uncommonly wet weather. Norway’s prices for electricity remained low, making their offering attrac­tive for other countries and encouraging them to cover energy requirements with the Norwegian surplus. Neighbouring countries like Denmark depend on Norwegian electricity. Since December NordLink cable, one of the world’s longest sub-sea power cables, has been transporting power between Norway and Germany. It's officially in operation now since end of March. The technology will ensure an efficient exchange of power between the countries for the next 40 years.  NordLink has a capacity of up to 1,400 MW.

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