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innovative matrix pump technology for austrian hpp

End of last year’s October, the modernised Dießbach hydro power plant in Salzburg was ceremoniously opened. After a construction period of 1.5 years, Salzburg AG was able to officially restart operating the plant.

As part of the reconstruction, the plant, which was originally constructed in the 1960s as a storage power plant, was expanded with matrix pump technology and a lower reservoir and thus adapted to create a pumped-storage power plant. The matrix pump is a combination of 24 individual pumps which individually and jointly enable extremely precise regulation. Each of the 24 individual units has an output of 1.23 MW. The pumps are driven by 24 low-voltage motors which have a nominal output of 1,235 kW each and are made by ELIN Motoren GmbH, the globally renowned manufacturer of generators and motors. Thanks to its new electromechanical equipment, the plant is now not only able to generate electricity but can also store energy.

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