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Renewal of Oschenik 1 with technical innovation

In September 2014, the Supervisory Board of the energy supplier Kelag made the decision to invest in a new storage pump for Oschenik 1 – an integral part of the pumped-storage power station Innerfragant.

More than two years were to elapse before the new pump could start trial operation at the end of January 2017. The 6-stage Niro storage pump with an internal spiral and a horizontally split housing was developed over several years by engineers at ANDRITZ Hydro. The appeal of this alternative solution was evident, among other things, in the simple assembly and dis­assembly of the runner – both during initial assembly and during subsequent inspection. After all, a shorter stoppage time for the pump is an important economic argument. After more than a year in regular operation, it has now been established: The new pump has proven its worth in everyday use. All the performance requirements with regard to efficiency, flow rate and smooth running were met and even exceeded. It impresses with an increase in efficiency of 7.3 percent when compared to the old equipment.

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