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siphon turbines for lodagung power station in indonesia

One of the more recent projects of GUGLER Water Turbines GmbH from Austria in Indonesia was commissioned two years ago in 2018 in the eastern part of Java.

The Lodagung hydroelectric power station was supplied with two special Kaplan turbines each with a bottleneck output of 704 kW together with the complete electromechanical and I&C equipment. The structural aspects posed a major obstacle in the truest sense of the word. For example, the construction owners were prohibited by the authorities from drilling the meter-thick concrete walls of the dam for the construction of the planned small hydroelectric power station facility. As an alternative solution, the concept of a syphonic system was developed, where the motive water is conveyed over the dam by means of a lifting effect. The construction of the new power station means that the operating company Jasa Tirta contributes around 6.2 GWh of renewable electric power to the public grid every year.

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