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tmk hydroenergy builds breazova 2 power plant

The Czech energy producers CEZ operate TMK Hydroenergy Power in Romania and are constructing a new small-scale hydropower plant, Breazova 2, on the River Bârzava, ...

.... around three kilometres downstream from Văliug (German: Franzdorf). The new plant will aid the utilisation of the power potential available as the water flows down from the Breazova reservoir. The dam was built in 1909, during the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and originally held around 1.3 million cubic metres of water. Today, between 35 and 50 million cubic metres flow through the reservoir. The new Breazova 2 plant will harness this potential and is expected to guarantee a nominal capacity of around 367 kW, providing the grid with approximately 2.5 GWh of clean energy in an average year. This perspective is also an important support for Romania's energy policy.

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