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uzbekistan plans to exploit hydropower capacities

Uzbekistan, a landlocked country in Central Asia, plans infrastructure to tap into unexploited water power capacity Uzbekistan’s economy is growing, as is its energy consumption.

Hence, the government there is interested in investing in reliable and sustainable power generation. There are several hydropower plants already in operation – with more to follow. The master plan was compiled by the hydropower experts at Tractebel, as the company reported in an online publication at the beginning of October. On 18th June 2020 representatives of Tractebel Germany signed the contract to compile the master plan, as did the Asian Development Bank (ADB) responsible for funding the project. Hydroelectric production of around 1,85 MW has been installed so far, meaning roughly 70 of Uzbekistan’s potential is yet to be exploited. Plants of various sizes could play an key role in the country’s future energy mix.

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