Hydroelectric power plants under attack

Autor: Andreas Pointinger , 20.09.2017

Nuclear power stations, hydroelectric plants and banks are always potential targets for cyber-crime, particularly the activities of well organised and extremely criminal groups.

The Minister of the Interior for Lower Saxony, Boris Pistorius (SPD) painted a very dark and threatening scenario at the ‘cramer ampts mahl’ gathering at Hotel Landhaus Pollmeyer in Vordersten-Thüle in the district of Cloppenburg. Facing these threats is something for which everyone has to take personal responsibility. Problems are often caused by negligence or ignorance on the part of system users. Hence, it is vital to ensure users are made aware of dangers and kept technically up to date. Pistorius stated: “That goes for private individuals, public sector administrators and every commercial operation.” The minister also said that fighting cyber-crime required people to keep lines of communication open and to be part of a strong network of contacts.

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Boris Pistorius 90 x 60 mm web2


Minister of the Interior for Lower Saxony, Boris Pistorius.

photo credit: Bernd Schwabe / Wikimedia CC 3.0