Serbian initiative to boost hydroelectric power capacity

Autor: Andreas Pointinger , 04.10.2017

Serbian utility Elektroprivreda Srbije has announced a 656 million US Dollar investment program aimed at increasing the output capacity of its hydroelectric power and thermal generating fleets (

The state-owned company has already completed an upgrade of the 382 MW Bajina Basta hydropower plant, while overhauls of the 1,050 MW Djerdap 1 and 96 MW Zvornik projects are still ongoing, says the report. EPS also signed a supplementary agreement with Russia‘s Power Machines in June 2009 to supply one turbine and generator for Djerdap 1, in addition to rehabilitation survices for its original five units. The initiative supports the Serbian government‘s European Union accession process efforts by helping the Balkan country meet renewable generation obligations.

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Wikipedia By MRY Dam Serbia Djerdap 90 x 60 mm web2


Hydroelectric power station „Djerdap 1“, located at the danube between the border of Romania and Serbia.

photo credit: By MRY (Own work) WIKIMEDIA CC SA 3.0