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Siemens is renowned for technical excellence and outstanding service and can serve as a system provider with comprehensive expertise in the implementation of turnkey projects.

This can translate into high profitability and availability of the plant and low total cost of ownership. As one of very few integrated energy company that serves the entire energy conversion chain with products, solutions, and services, Siemens provides both sophisticated technology and substantial know-how. This includes the construction of new small hydropower plants as well as the modernization of existing ones. Siemens is able to provide comprehensive solutions for small hydropower plants up to 30 MW from various reachable offices. Siemens Small Hydro Turkey has realized 5 projects in the recent past and demonstrates once again to be one of the best and most competitive partners for hydro business in the huge Turkish market. Please find below a short overview of the biggest challenges and the best practice solutions for each power plant.

Ikiler HEPP is located in Karabuk City’s province in the Black Sea Region. The plant has 2 Kaplan turbines each with 3.5 MW. Siemens Turkey has delivered a complete package of electrical and automation balance of plant that will maximize the availability and efficiency on the one side and minimize the maintenance cost of the power plant on the other side. The automation system is based on a standardized SIMATIC S7 Software and WinCC Professional for the SCADA system. The contracted scope of supply includes the engineering, delivery, supervision of installation and commissioning of the ­turbine and generator automation, SCADA, transformers, medium voltage switchgear and the grid connection. The PAC of HEPP Ikiler has been signed in May 2016 and the power plant is producing energy to the highest satisfaction of the customer.
Almost at the same time HEPP Kuzey located in Ordu City’s province in the Black Sea Region, has been realized. The PAC was signed in ­autumn 2016 after the customer D-Energy has been working with ­Siemens engineers in a very close cooperation for optimizing the whole civil concept. In this project, Siemens Turkey and the Center of Competence for Small Hydro in Salzburg showed again, that a professional and most efficient collaboration regarding knowhow transfer and support over country boarders brings the customer at the end the best possible solution for his investment. Beside of the complete Electrical and Automation scope delivered by Siemens Turkey, the Center of Competence in Salzburg provided the Turbine Governor Sipocon-H based on SIMATIC S7 for both Francis units with each 3,5MW. A very effective commissioning period in cooperation with the Center of Competence at the end of the project reflected the successful project execution.  

Just a few months later, the PAC for the new built HEPP Yumrutepe, located in Giresun City’s province also in the Black Sea Region, has been signed in January 2017. The plant has three Francis Units, each with a different power (1x12MW, 1x8MW, 1x4,5MW). Siemens Small Hydro Turkey was responsible for the whole Electrical Balance of Plant incl. Medium- and Low Voltage Switchegars, Transformes, Cables, Automation and SCADA System based on SIMATIC S7-400 and Win CC Professional.
As a result out of the performance, the excellent quality of engineering and service and the best products out of one hand, Siemens Small ­Hydro Turkey and the customer signed another contract for the new built power plant HEPP Kalecik.
The currently two running projects are HEPP Kalecik and HEPP Karatas, both located in the Black sea Region. HEPP Kalecik has 2 Francis Units each with 15 MW Turbine power and HEPP Karatas has 3 Francis Units, two with 2 x 4.65 MW and a smaller unit with 2.65 MW.
For both projects, the scope of supply contains the whole electrical ­balance of plant incl. medium voltage and low voltage switchgears, transformers, cables, Automation and SCADA system, installation and commissioning.

Just as for the project HEPP Kuzey, Siemens is using the existing concentrated Small Hydro know how in Istanbul and the CoC in Salzburg to engineer the best possible and most economical solution for the customer. The Turbine Governor Sipocon-H will be engineered and developed in Salzburg and commissioned by local specialists. This assures the customer to get the whole automation and SCADA solution from one source and additional interfaces will be eliminated. Further the contact person for the customer is during the whole project lifetime a local Siemens Turkey employee.
Both projects are in time and shall be commissioned by highest qualified commissioning engineers of Siemens Turkey in September 2017.

One of the big and main advantages of Siemens Small Hydro in Turkey is the local production of the air-insulated medium voltage as well as the low voltage switchgears in Gebze.
This guarantees the customer a maximum degree of safety, reliability and availability. In this way, the Siemens well-proven technology and products for Small Hydro applications enables cost-efficient and reliable operation. The great advantages of air-insulated medium-voltage switch­gear are: The insulating medium air is available always and everywhere, without further technical efforts, such as for example gas pressure monitoring.

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Yumrutepe 3 web2


HEPP Yumrutepe, Giresun City Province in the Black Sea Region: Modern cross-border cooperation.

photo credits: Siemens

Kuzey 4 web


Siemens’ proven technology and products for Small Hydro applications enable cost-efficient and reliable operation.

photo credits: Siemens

Yumrutepe 1 web


German Small Hydro technology installed at the HEPP Yumrutepe power plant.

photo credits: Siemens

Kuzey 3 web


Online since autumn 2016: HEPP Kuzey in Ordu City Province in the Black Sea Region.

photo credits: Siemens

Yumrutepe 2 web


HEPP Yumrutepe control room

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Siemens’ state of the art technical solutions.

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