9th Edition Hydropower Plant Digitalization Forum

Autor: Patricia Pfister , 26.09.2019

The digitization of hydropower plants, control systems and surrounding networks promises to significantly improve its asset management and performance.

Based on the success of the 8th Vienna Edition, the following key themes are included into the agenda of the 9th Edition Hydropower Plant Digitalization Forum from 4th to 5th December in Berlin:

  • Digital Hydropower Plant 4.0 and Industry 4.0 initiatives within hydropower
  • How to use Big Data to improve hydro O&M
  • Worldwide IoT SCADA systems for hydro power plants
  • Improving plant performance with digital twin technology
  • Advanced condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Ensuring electric system flexibility – experience from Portuguese TSO
  • AI & ML in Hydro – practical application and use cases
  • Data mining and ML models for fault detection and generator performance
  • Risk assessment of the hydroelectric plants components
  • Cyber security robustness and resilience

On Day 2 you have the opportunity to participate in a series of choose-and-join Round Table discussions on:

  • Data-driven predictive maintenance and operation optimization
  • Condition monitoring to increase uptime, efficiency and reduce hydro O&M costs
  • AI - automatic control and operation of hydropower plants
  • Securing asset integrity in hydro operations
  • Monitoring and maintainig hydro data


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