Extension of La Coche pumped storage power station

Autor: Patricia Pfister , 05.03.2016

ANDRITZ HYDRO has received an order from Electricité de France (EDF) to supply a turbine generator unit with an output of 240 megawatts for the extension of the La Coche pumped storage power station, France.


Start-up is scheduled for 2019. The order value amounts to approximately 25 million euros.The new Pelton turbine from ANDRITZ HYDRO completes the existing four reversible pump turbines and features extremely good part load behavior. This means that the turbine can also be operated at very high efficiencies and with smooth running properties in the low load range (the head is more than 900 meters). This increases the reliability and flexibility of the plant substantially. Due to the high sand content in the water and the resulting severe abrasion, the turbine will be given a high-grade, erosion-resistant coating that will extend its life cycle significantly.

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