Autor: Roland Gruber , 21.11.2016

The Swiss Gondrand Group offers tailored logistics and transport  solutions worldwide. And this on the basis of a strong presence throughout Europe and China,

as well as a high performance network of global partners. The  strengths of Gondrand include logistics for the automotive,  machine, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries. The company  also focuses on event and trade fair logistics, as well as on  international transport and customs processes. At Gondrand the  motto is: „We’ve been looking after our customers with the same  devotion since 1866: personally, worldwide.“

Gondrand is also the partner of choice for complicated project transports. This way, the Gondrand offices in Basel and Bremen have secured the complex transport of fibreglass pipes to the construction site of the Tullia hydroelectric power plant in Tanzania  in three batches on 30 flat rack containers. The pipes were loaded  onto flatbed trucks in Dresden and started on their long journey  from there via the port of Hamburg by container vessel to Dar es  Salaam, where they were delivered to the construction site to the  complete satisfaction of the customer. From the pick-up via  document management to delivery – service from one source. No  matter where projects are to be realised, in the economic centres or  in the remote corners of the world – you can rely on Gondrand.

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A long journey: the pipes started their journey by container vessel to Dar es Salaam from the cargo port of Hamburg. The pipes were then delivered to the power plant construction site. by truck. 

photo credits:Andreas Hermsdorf_pixelio.de



Professionally secured and packed, the pipes were sent by APR Schweiz on the long journey to the project location in Tanzania.

photo credits: Gondrand