Liberia plans investment in small-scale hydropower plant

Autor: Andreas Pointinger , 07.12.2020

The AfDB (African Development Bank) and the Liberian government have signed a funding agreement for around US $35 million for two renewable energy projects in Liberia; a combination of subsidies and loans.

The first of the projects is to see US $34 million invested in the construction of a small-scale dam and hydroelectric power plant on the St. John River in the Nimba region of north-eastern Liberia. According to a press release issued by the AfDB, by 2024, a total power output of 9.34 MW will enable the hydroelectric power station to provide for the needs of approximately 7000 homes. Above all, it will ensure schools, health centres and businesses in rural areas are hooked up to the national electricity grid.

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The construction of a small-scale hydropower station on Liberia’s St. John River is intended to improve the electricity supply in this rural region.

photo credits: Wikimedia/blk24ga