Low noise, high power

Autor: David Tscholl , 06.03.2015

The Swedish hydroelectric plant Grytfors now generates its power much more quietly, thanks to a low-noise power unit by Rexroth with a capacity of 2,200 liters and..

..a total power of 105 kilowatts. During a complete modernization of the turbine facility the company Voith Hydro integrated it into the power plant, to bring it into line with the latest Swedish safety standards. Though the three motor and pump units have a total power of 105 kilowatts, they have a noise level of 68 dB(A) – significantly below the requirement of 75 dB(A). This low-noise power unit is also more compact and costs less than a conventional power unit with sound jacket. A large tank sight glass with tank-internal LED illumination makes for easy monitoring of the oil condition.

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Copyright image: Skellefteå Kraft