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Seal Maker is a global manufacturer of high-quality plastic and elastomer semi-finished products, as well as CNC lathes and seals that are used in all types of industrial sectors.

Successfully established in 1997 Seal Maker offers business solutions enabling its customers to meet individual sealing requirements. Currently the network of satisfied customers comprises partners in more than 70 countries all over the world, expanding each year. Besides the high-quality standards Seal Maker focuses on supporting customers with a perfectly aligned seal production system consisting of a wide and diversified range of semi-finished materials and efficient CNC-lathes. That enables seal producers to overcome challenges and fulfill increasing market requirements easily. Another aspect of Seal Maker’s service range is seal production itself. So, the company offers capacities of its inhouse machinery, producing seals up to 1,850 mm diameter. This special service supports partners to meet requirements from their clients.


As flexibility is common at Seal Maker it’s proud of offering manufacturing of unique seals and single pieces if necessary. Therefore, Seal Maker’s SML SystemSoftware provides more than 220 profiles as well as special solution profiles. So, great strengths lie in service for all matters of sealing technology, flexibility in manufacturing customized orders, fast processing times as well as reliability in order transactions. This also covers unique productions for special industries like hydropower, mining and cement industry. Most times seals manufactured for “special industries” partners require large diameters and professional welding know-how. As Seal Maker has met an increasing demand in this field of business within the last years, its experts are very familiar with state-of-the-art welding as well as individual challenges. Experienced technicians practice welding regularly and carry out seal welding and assembly work on customers site if required.


As a leading manufacturer of CNC-lathes Seal Maker presented its new SML 750eplus machine recently. More than ten years of knowledge and profession have been integrated into this new machine which enables the production of seals with 750 mm diameter, optional even 850 mm. Equipped with an efficient 12-station disc turret with driven cutting tools and the user-friendly SML SystemSoftware it redefines the limits of what can be machined in one system.


The applications for the company´s product range are as diverse as the activities of its employees. Seal Maker‘s ambitious employees (m/f ) are solution- oriented and responsible, while demonstrating integrity, vision and team spirit in order to service customers with technical expertise and comprehensive advice. Would you like to find out more about the company and its products?

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Due to ultra-modern manufacturing technology the company is able to cover the whole spectrum of seal applications.

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The development, production and marketing of high quality semi-finished products in form of bars and tubes for the machining of sealing elements is an integral part of the core competence of Seal
Maker Produktions-u. Vertriebs GmbH.

photo credits: Seal Maker