Boudry power plant starts operating1 min read

4. May 2016, Reading Time: < 1 min

Boudry power plant starts operating1 min read

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Following one year of construction, Solutions Renouvelables Boudry SA is starting to operate the Boudry hydroelectric power plant. The power plant utilises the almost five metre drop of the Areuse,

which flows out of the Val de Travers through the imposing Gorges de l’Areuse on into Lake Neuchâtel. With an output of 495 kW, the plant produces 1,650 MWh, which is equivalent to the electricity demand of around 450 households. A new fish ladder with 23 pools allows fish to ascend and descend, in particular the endangered brown trout. The construction works were closely monitored by the fisheries inspector and the local cantonal officials. The total costs amount to 4.7 million CHF. The owner and operator of the plant is Solutions Renouvelables Boudry SA, in which the council and community of Boudry have a 51 percent stake and BKW has
a 49 percent stake.